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Matthew Home Pledge




What is a Matthew Home?  The name “Matthew Home” comes from the Bible in Matthew 5:14-16.  Jesus encourages his followers to actively shine God’s love and kindness to those nearby because this glorifies God.  Everyone is precious in God’s sight and has a contribution to make through friendships, service and kindness.  


What is the Matthew Home Program About?  Matthew Homes are about families—families who are willing to get to know their neighbors, care for one another, and engage in the well-being of their city.  These are keys to a thriving community that any family would want.    


If I pre-qualify for a Matthew Home, what am I expected to do?  Home ownership is an important step.  We want you to share in the blessing of making a home ready to live in, so that you develop skills and knowledge about how to take care of your home and have pride in your home ownership.  This means that pre-qualified Matthew Home applicants are asked to volunteer at least 150 hours to help build or rehabilitate a home.  Family members and even your friends may volunteer service hours to help you complete 150 hours of service.  Also, up to 50 of your 150 hours may be satisfied by volunteering for an approved school or community event in North Chicago.  


Community Involvement:  Once Matthew Home families become comfortable with their new home life, we ask that home owners be willing to get to know their neighbors and seek practical ways to make North Chicago a thriving community.  Some examples of getting involved are assisting an elderly neighbor, volunteering at school or for a community service project or attend a Matthew Home BBQ or block party – there are many easy and fun ways to be involved in your community.    

Financial Ability:  In addition, Matthew Home owners must agree to:

• Meet with one of our financial counselors to determine financial viability and work toward credit repair if necessary (this is a free service).  We also ask you to meet with a financial counselor at least quarterly in the first year of home ownership.


• Contribute a small down payment toward the purchase of your Matthew Home (your financial counselor will help guide you in planning for this); and


• First time home owners must attend a one-time HUD home ownership class or equivalent. 

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